Banking Services

MasterCard Debit Card

You can use it as an ATM card or as a Check Card. It's a card that works like a check. When used to make purchases you can use the convenient "Cash Back" feature to receive cash back, thereby saving you foreign ATM charges when they apply.

Money Services

For those times when you can't use cash, personal checks, or credit cards, Iowa-Nebraska State Bank offers convenient money services for all your needs.

Other Services Include

Please call us at 402-494-4225 (1-800-494-6720 toll free) or stop by or call one of our branch locations for more information on these services.

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Lost or Stolen
MasterCard Debit Card?

Call 1-800-264-5578 Immediately.

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Instant Balance for your Mobile App

See your Account Balances in an Instant without having to log into the TouchBanking App.

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